Press Clipping

Dreadnaught is the band that regularly plays an unexpected mix of musical genres. In past albums, Dreadnaught has combined Americana and progressive rock. Hard Chargin’ continues this tradition. The opening song combines new wave-style pop-rock, Americana and classic rock.
The progressive side starts with “Gaudy Baubles”, a Frank Zappaesque instrumental with plenty of odd twists and turns bringing in prog-rock bass and Canterbury-leaning keyboards.
The American prog mix is more evident on track 4, “Takin’ a ride with the Fat Man.”
“Express Delight” brings together psychedelia and Canterbury –style progressive rock. Something similar happens on the lengthy “Mummies of the Cobboseecontee” where jazz-infused rock meets blues.
The lineup includes Rick Habib on drums, percussion, vocals; Bob Lord on bass guitars, keyboards, vocals; and Justin Walton on guitars, piano, organ, keyboards, saxophone, vocals. Guests: Chris Dow on flute and Andy Happel on violin.

While I really enjoyed the Americana, classic rock and prog mix, I could have done without the pop-leaning songs.