Press Clipping
Albums In The Spotlight

These new Albums, EP’s and Songs are in the Spotlight this week:

RPWL – A New Dawn
Overture – Requiem for a Dying World
The Samurai of Prog – On We Sail
Discipline – Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea
Northern Lines – The Fearmonger
Johannes Maria Knoll – Transcended
Volumes – Finite (Single)
Glorious Wolf – For You And I (Promo)
Glorious Wolf – Still Luv’ The Bluzz (Promo)
Dreadnaught – Hard Chargin
Sky Architect – Nomad
Comedy of Errors – House Of The Mind
Thomas Konder – LABYRINTH
Galahad – Quiet Storms
Bjorn Riis – Forever Comes to an End
Ben Craven – The Single Edits
Colouratura – Colouratura
Big Big Train – Grimspound
Ben Craven – Last Chance to Hear
Ghost Toast – Out Of This World
Jeff Beck – Blue Wind
Brother ape – Karma
Roger Waters – Is This The Life We Really Want