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It's Official! New Dreadnaught album HARD CHARGIN' available June !6th!

Hi all,

First I would like to mention that I sort of have permission from Duncan to post this announcement on the main page. Thank you Duncan.

At the suggestion of Dok in a Dreadnaught thread a page or so down, we can make it official that the new full-length Dreadnaught CD, HARD CHARGIN', will be available for physical and download purchase on June 16th!

We will also endeavor in the coming days to get copies in the paws of your favorite CD distributor as soon as possible, if you would rather give your business to them. We gotta keep those guys in business too, so that's fine with us.

Also I must say at the outset that I am unfortunately not Bob Lord, but Geoff Logsdon. Due to Bob's punishing schedule as CEO of PARMA and its associated labels, I was offered and have taken on the honor of General Manager of Red Fez Records...the hub of Dreadnaught and related projects.

HARD CHARGIN' is the culmination of 5 years of work by the original core/heart of Dreadnaught---Rick Habib, Bob Lord, and Justin Walton, the trio who created the classic 'The American Standard'. Their mind-blowing set and reception at Progday 2012 convinced them that they should say "WTF", and record some new music together. Credit must also be given to soundman Roger Brady's peach moonshine for making this seem like a great fucking idea.

And indeed it was...preceded by the EPs "Have A Drink With Dreadnaught", and "Gettin' Tight With Dreadnaught", HARD CHARGIN' is here, and as objectively as possible, I can say without reservation, along with the EPs, it is another classic by one of the truly progressive, unclassifiable bands of our time.

Please visit to pre-order HARD CHARGIN'....lots of other great stuff is available as well, and we will hopefully be adding more in the coming days.


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