Press Clipping
LP Review: "Hard Chargin'" by Dreadnaught

One of the folks in my life is presently engaged in a battle of wills to the death.
It's easy to feel bad for them because they're in a brand new situation. One that many of us have been accustomed to for years, if not decades.
The thing about it's easy to get discouraged. It's being made harder than it should be. Fighting back is the best way of going about it.
My suggestion is a series of passive aggressive shots over the course of months and years to send a tiny little message.
Never shy away from a challenge. Let's shout cliches from the rooftops! Defying convention is the mother of invention! ( a cliche?)
This album is certainly a challenge to anyone trying to review it.
It may be cliche to say it, but there is not a single convention Hard Chargin' doesn't defy.
If a group of insane, not just regular, idiot savants got together with a couple hyper intelligent half-chimps half-bonobos, this is probably the music they'd come up with.
Of course provided that this group of strange bedfellows were exceptional musicians and had access to wide array, a.k.a. "a veritable shitload of analog effects pedals."
(Maybe just a bonobo and a chimpanzee rather than two bi-species primates?
Unless we could get one with fathered by a chimp and one fathered by a bonobo and mothered by the opposite species.)
If they'd been smoking vast amounts of pot while listening to Kansas and Jethro Tull for days on end.
If you've heard the half bonobo half chimp analogy once, of course you've heard it a thousand times, but this time it really fits. It's kind of like Dreadnaught was created to live out this cliche.
If it's not become glaringly obvious, it's really hard to describe the music that Dreadnaught plays. They're self described as Epic Experimental Prog Americana, but aside from the first two words and perhaps the third, I don't hear that.
If you're looking for music to listen to while living all of the 1970's cliches and you've just heard Paul's Boutique one too many times, here you go.